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Thursday, May 6, 2010

NO MORE SCHOOL!! (for now)...LoL

took my last final today at 9:30 AM...hope i did ok on it. had a mid B n the class so hopefully i kept the B!

kelsey is leaving me on sunday :( it will def be a sad day...just about as bad as when aubrie left me. i am def gonna miss her and i hope that we can try to make timet to meet up and hang out! she def if a good friend for life and i am greatful that i got the chance to get close to her.

ok sooo be so proud of me!!

ok so cedric is in STL for work. he has made several hints that he is "closer" and that he wants company...but i am just playing along. the old stephanie would have already made plans to go meet up with him!

about a week ago i sent him a email...and he replied...in a sense of....you are just a friend. so i will no longer go out of my way to please him (or any other dude for that matter). i am just so tired for puttin in 90 % to only get 10% back. so now i am not. hopefully the lord will put someone in my life who will show intrest and put in just as much efforts as i do. but until then i will patiently wait...and no bend over backwerds for ppl (esp sum guy who isnt going to make a lasting impression in my life). :)

oh well....gonna go find sumthin to do while im at work :)

..........................until next time................

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