...Dear Winter: PLEASE GO AWAY!...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dear Winter:

You are really messing up my groove.
I miss seeing and feeling the warm sun on my face.
I am not a fan of this white stuff that you are throwing all over the place
and i am not a fan of having to wear 3 layers of clothes to get out of my house.

Negative temperatures are not my favorite thing to encounter when i have to leave my house at 6AM.
And i am NOT a fan of constantly shoveling my drive way and steps to get rid of the inches of snow that magically appear while i am sleeping.

My winter clothes are not the cutest and i am sick f wearing my snow boots.  
Flip flops and summer dresses are my favorite things to wear and i am sure those are not the best things to wear right now. 

So winter...have your last few cold nights and days and quickly leave!

Someone who enjoys Summer weather

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