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Monday, September 5, 2011

over the past few months, i have gotten the chance to spend most of my weekends in the woods...
and when i say in the woods i mean
complete darkness...
no sounds except for the noises of animals and bugs...
a blanket of stars that cover you when there is a clear sky...
the moon as your flashlight when you need to see where you are going...
Bambi...thumper...and all the other rodents not seen in the Disney movie running around you...
and most importantly....Mr. Adventure :-)

picture of the pond on the property

Usually, he will come down to the cabin on Friday night...and spend the whole weekend out there
well i work Saturday and Sundays from about 2pm - 10 pm so i will get off of work and make the 20-something mile commute out to the cabin so i can spend some time with him on the weekends.

This past weekend was not like the others...
He has some friends come up from STL to help out with some of the things around the land
And it was cold!
I have been lucky to have nice warm weekends at the cabin...but it is clear that winter is on its way and i personally do not like it!

On Saturday night, i got out to the cabin to find him waiting for me inside.
He greeted me with his usual antics (making fun of me...his way of flirting) but also pouring me a glass of wine and inviting me to eat some of the food he recently cooked.

I guess during the day he had make a new trail on the new property that was about half a mile down the road so we rushed me to finish eating and hop on the 4-wheeler with him so he can show me.

As we are speeding down the gravel road he decides to turn the lights off! now granted i was freaked out at first...but the moon was so bright that it literally lit the white gravel so that you could see it. 

Now initially anytime i adventure out into the woods i get scared.  yes i trust Mr. Adventure...but i guess my mind is warped from all the horror films and stories i have been told over the years.  i am always expecting some man eating deer to jump out and attack me...or i am always looking over my should to see big foot standing there waiting to grab me.  But once Mr. Adventure assured me there was nothing to be afraid of (yet again...because he has to do this pretty often) that is when something inside of me clicked...

I stopped worry about all the bad and wrong things that could go on and i focused on the good things that were going on that moment.  I was on a gravel road...on a clear beautiful night...the moon served as my flashlight....and the stars were bright and shining.  Mr. Adventure was letting me hold onto him tight...and he was showing me the pure beauty of the outdoors...the beauty of the silence and the quiet...the beauty of the animals that you could hear singing in the distance...and the beauty of that landscape that he was conquering.

Like with most things that go on in my life i worry...i am scared and i over think things...
To me my life could be crazy and hectic until i have that one moment of clarity.
Until i realize how bright and beautiful the moon is...and then i realize how many stars there truly are in the sky. It is moments like these that i thank God for the life he has given me and the path that he has put me on.

Spending moments like these with Mr. Adventure makes me realize just how much i have missed out on. realizing that there is a whole world that i did not know existed...and its literally in my back yard!
He has also made me realize what i have been missing in a partner.  He treats me in a way that no other guy i have been with have (especially over the past few years).  I would have to say that i feel lucky when he does things for me...but my heart just melts when i see his smile :-)

All in all...it was another great...adventurous weekend in the woods.
I drove a 4-wheeler for the first time...
i also wore camo for the first time (yes...i will admit...i looked pretty darn good in it too! LoL oh did i mention Mr. Adventure bought the camo gear for me to wear :-)  )
Another good weekend to put in the books...soon hunting season will start and the fun in the woods will die down...but i hope it picks back up when it starts to get warm again.

Me riding the 4-wheeler while Mr. Adventure flattens out the gravel drive way...he is such a stud muffin! LoL :-P

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Now, I know I've been asking for a picture but this really doesn't count! You can't even see him! I want a decent pic!!!

I'm glad things are going well between you. Sometimes dating someone different to you and different to your usual type is just what you need! xx


Stiletto Minded said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

awwww I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend and your time with "Mr. Adventure" I wish you two the best!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a nice weekend, a great way to unplug and take in everything around you. I also have moments when I say to myself..am I gonna worry about what can go wrong, or just BE. I don't think we have enough I LOVE MY LIFE moments...and this def. sounds like one!

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