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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

well it is only 10:30 AM on this clear sky, slightly chilly Wednesday morning.
And already so much has already happened today. 

This morning...i woke up...not wanting to get out of bed.
I stayed up way past my bedtime working on two different projects (i am starting a new fitness blog!! stay tuned for more details....and i am trying to help plan out/learn things to help my sorority sister with the upcoming homecoming step show...always a stressful time of year when you have to deal with the step show)

So as i am getting into my car, i drive out of the garage and notice a big box sitting on the front porch (yes it is awesome that we get our mail so early in the morning.  I left my house at 9:00 am so it is usually waiting on me when i am getting ready to head to work)
It was the hair weave that i had a friend send for me!!

OK let me go into details about this hair weave situation...

you guys saw a few pictures from a photo shoot i had a few weeks ago.
well, me being natural it was kinda a hard task to get my hair to do what i wanted it to do.
I was constantly trying to fluff it...or tame it down...because in some shots it had a mind of its own and it was just making me look crazy at times.  Well i got asked to do a fashion show and i also got asked to do a pretty awesome editorial shoot (all coming up next weekend)! Well my first concern was my hair.  I could wear it in one of my natural curly styles...but i wanted to go for a little more glamour and a little more edge...so a gal of mine suggested that i get a sew in.  Well this was a great idea...except for the fact that i have NEVER in my life had one.  I don't know anything when it comes to weaves...so this will def be a learning experience.  I am also getting it (the main reason) because i was told that they wanted several different hair style for the fashion show...and i did not want to get heat damage on my now healthy curls (that took me almost a year to get).  So this was in a way the only option i had...other than a wig...and i don't think I'm ready for that either....

But yes my friend sent me the right kind of hair and on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week i will have it put it....so yes...stay tuned for those pictures.

Adventure #2 for this morning...i was accused of stealing!!!

Most mornings when i am running late i will just get to work and grab breakfast at work while i am trying to get some things done.  Well this morning was one of those mornings.  I got to work...parked in my parking spot (for the 1st time this week someone else finally was not parking in my spot!)...grabbed my bags and computer...got to my office and got settled in.  After that i ran over to the cafeteria at the hospital to grab some food...
Well i got my usually...a piece of toast....string cheese....hot water (to make tea) and a glass of regular cold water ( to sip on during the day).  Well i pay for the cheese and bread and head over to the Laboratory (my other job) to say hello to the ladies i work with (this is a regular routine for me).  Upon leaving the lab (which is right across the hall way from the cafeteria) i decided this morning i wanted to get some yogurt.  So i go back in the cafeteria (with the previous items i had purchased still in my hands un eaten...un touched since i had just bought them) and got some yogurt.  As i was paying out that lady at the register said (and i quote) "if your going to pay for this yogurt...you might as well pay for that extra piece of cheese you just stole! *big eye roll*"....i gasp and say "EXCUSE ME!?" i then open my container that i still had in my hand and showed her that i still had all the items i purchase 5 min ago! she then said "Hmmmm...you probably ate it already"....i was LIVID!

I went back to the lab and talked to the ladies that were there. They validated my story that i came straight over and i did not eat anything while i was there.  So i decided to call over and talk to a manager. (which was not there at the moment but I WILL GO FIND THEM LATER TO TALK ABOUT IT!)

OK c'mon old lady...why the hell would i want to steal a extra $.30 piece of cheese.  Seriously...with my new job i can buy all the damn cheese in the place if i wanted too.  and 2nd...this is the same lady that i see EATING off of the buffet line every morning when i come in to get my toast and water.  Yes she grabs some bacon...eggs...or ham...and shoves it in her mouth...while she is waiting to serve a customer. Talk about gross...and um is that not stealing? And on the weekends (when their boss is not there) they def eat like kings and queens because i see their plates piled high with all the food that they had cooked for the day.  I'm pretty sure they did not pay for those triple serving sizes they were scarfing down. Now i hope this lady does not lose her job because believe me i am about to raise hell in that cafeteria.  And if she thought i stole an extra piece of cheese should she not stopped me before i left the cafeteria the first time and asked to look inside my container? Oh did i mention she made the rude comment (and eye roll) in front of 5 other people (that i knew) so not only did she embarrass me...she insulted me as well!

OK...OK...I'm going to stop talking about it...it is making me mad all over again...
So happy Wednesday everyone....hope your hump day is going a lot better than mine so far!
(well its not totally ruined...i have a photo shoot tonight plus i have to finish packing for this weekends camping trip....its hard for someone to ruin my day. So I'm going to keep smiling and enjoying all of my blessings :-)  )

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I hope you have fun on your camping trip. Don't let this woman get to you, she's clearly very silly and from just reading this I don't like her attitude. I know you don't want to get her fired but she certainly owes you an apology. Esp since she said those things in front of people you know!
I've never had a weave before, I'm not sure why. I really have to get into the habit of taking better care of my hair, it's not very healthy at the moment. Can't wait to see the pictures xx

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