Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well you know when you have a craving for your favorite food. Something you have not had in months. Like a staple food that was once in your diet but now is not because it is not possible for you to obtain that food due to moving away or that one person who made the food for you is unable to do so...

Well I currently have a deep craving. A craving to be held...a craving to be wanted by someone other than my family or girl friends...a craving for a companion that is there when I need them the most...a craving for love.

See I got rid of this craving a long time ago. To be honest about this time last year. But as the summer progressed and guys took notice to me again I began to get a slight taste of what it feels like to be wanted...a feeling of being needed and being important to someone in their life.

Well as usual that feeling slowly faded just as quickly as the men that had made their way into my life. And as the men left the craving stayed...and is slowly...gradually getting worse.

I don't know how I got rid of this craving last year but I am searching really hard for something else in my life that will take over and kick this craving away for good.

Until then I guess I will suffer...eternally be craving this feeling...and worrying that the cure for this craving will never come...

Off to workout...hopefully this will curb my "appetite" long enough that I can get home and fall asleep and get a good night or rest for once this week.

....until next time...

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