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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

well this past weekend i got to go to....


This was my first time and it was ALOT of fun.
went with my roomie and some bartenders that i work with.
it wasnt as bad as i expected.
i am happy that i did get to go and see something new and do something new
it was a little chilli outside
but it was def warmer than the crappy midwest cold!

i think that is it a great thing. there were alot of people (which got annoying at times)
we would head out pretty early in the day and stay out until about 10 or 11. anything after that was just way too much (to much people...drunk ppl...LoL)
got to see a little bit of the city
got to try some amazing food!
and on the way back we had a tire blowout about half way back to missouri
a perfect way to end a good trip...

there were old man/women...even children running around (which i thought was a bad idea!)
it wasnt too X-rated. but it def is not a place for kids to be.
overall the drinks were amazing (and not too expensive)
you can walk on the street and drink your booze (we def had a 4-loco day...yea that was a bad idea...LoL)
but it was def fun and another good spring break trip for the scrap book


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kitkat said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ooh sounds like u had a lotta fun! lucky u! my spring brk was a snooze lol.
check out my blog when u cn please

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