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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

still tippin (is one of my fav. songs)
and when i hear it, it makes me think of the perfect summer day at home
the sun is out
few clouds in the sky
not too hot
your with your friends
the day is just perfect...

with me saying that i am homesick
it has been 10 months since i have been home.
and i am feeling it right now
i just miss being "at home"
the feeling of being somewhere familiar
the feeling of being around your family
the feeling of being around the things that will always comfort you (like the best food spots!! LoL)

i prob wont go home until xmas :-/
but it is ok
i will just know to make the best out of the time that i am at home.

i am NOT excited about the 12 hour drive...LoL
but i am excited to go home and see my family and friends
its amazing the friends from home that i have kept in touch with
and how fun it is to go home and see them for the time that i can

but then it is always nice to come back to my life in missouri
i wonder all the time if i will ever end up back at home and i have no clue
only the lord knows...

i think eventually i may end up back at home but i dont know
i guess it is one of those things that i will have to wait and see what happens

but regardless i am super home sick
and i cant wait to hop in my car and hit the road!
the sec. i hit loop 289/i-27 i will get a smile and a rush of emotions usually takes over me.

i miss home...
10 months is def way to long to be away from home...

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