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Sunday, March 8, 2009

punch drunk love....by by K.c. Haxton

Come on Come on Come on Come on
Come on girl let's Goooo
[Kanye West:]

Hey baby
Am I crazy
Or was u giving me the eye (the eye)
You said maybe (yea)
Well you crazy
Because I know I'm too fly
I already know I'm too fly (too fly) [x3]
Yeah I know what cha like.
Like now I'm off the wine (wine)
And we can take our time (time)
So much I want to I wants to fronts spilled the bump when we grind
My uh in is ya body
My uh is in ya mind
Check my dictionary
That ass is so defined
It slippery when it's wet girl
I can read the signs
I knocked and I knocked (uh)
can I come inside
I knocked and I knocked girl
can I come inside
I feel like it's home when I'm in between ya thighs
It's the joy, and the pain, and the bites and the brain
What make it feel so good
That type of stuff u can't explain
I do what I do to do to make it rain
U got the invite tonight
And I'm so glad ya came
Cause you the type that danger we gain in yo
Mic check like the way I begin my show
Girl I come from chi-ca-so N I go
Turn around it's about to be a TKO
Some call me COM (COM)
Some call me the red (RED)
U can call me daddy, I'm a put ya to bed
An appitite for seduction
And it gotta be fed

Her sexual eruption got ya hitting ya head

On the board
And knock and screaming, oh lord

We exchange like students cause I student a broad

And listen to ya body and low key partin'

And I keep pushing and pushing

U bout to volume up

We the type to make lovin and we up

We take a ride down south cause u need to re-up

Girl u call me big bank like I was saving it up

I'm the doctor I can hold it till my patients is up

I make, I make I make it hot baby

I know I know I know just spot baby

When we do it like we don't want it to end

It's 3PM we gon do it again.



Come on girl let's go

To punch the lands unknown

We can fly on air

Jobs is everywhere for u and me

Just a song that i had to share...its on the common mind control CD...def my fav song on the whole cd..that cd is AMAZING! common def did his thing with that cd...sad it only had 12 songs, but they all were good.
well today is the 2nd day of spring break..and guess where i am? ...at work!!! imagine that! LoL
nah...just couldnt find a good place to go. and i needed to save the $ since ive been sick and havnt gotten to work mush ther past few months. but its ok i get to relax, watch movies, and just be a bum!! LoL
.....until next time.........

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