SUNDAY morning

Sunday, July 13, 2008

well today i got up at 5:30 am..headed to is not 1:20 and i just got cought up and have a sec to relax and check my mail! today is my first day to work alone in the lab andi would like to just pat myself on the back! there were 21 draws this morning that all had to be done by 7 am...i only missed one lady! then when i got back and logged them in ihad about 15 send out orders to do...i got to draw my first child and baby (welli got to do 2 of them today!!) today...and then i had a bunch of STAT orders that kept comming from the i am glad that i was kept busy but *phhewwww* im glad i can relax for a min! i have to workon the floor later tonight so my day is only 1/2 over

last night....had another free shindig at my crib...we (me and my roomey but i cooked a good portion of it...LoL) had spaghetti withmeat sauce....tacos....homemade pizza ( i got to knead the bread!)...cornbread (special request)....turtle cookies....queso and chips....and of course a few smeanoffs to get the party was fun...had a bunch of ppl that are here for the summer come over and eat. got to meet some of the new football players (they look soooo young! LoL im gettin too old...) ppl left around 9 it started at 7:30...they all went and got wasted andhit up the bars...oh and its greek reuinion weekend so that was a big thing. i on the other hand was in bed and passed out by 10:30. i had to b up early and i knew it was a long day so i did not want to be tired at all.

glad i had my ORG test last week b/c that means this week i dont have to worry about homework for that class and i can study for the MCATS :)

2 weeks of summer school left!!!! then I GET TO GO HOME!!!!! its been 7 months and i miss my family and friends soooo much..i am way 2 excited about it...oooooh and the foooooood! nothing beats a good tex-mex reasturant!

roomeys were late paying rent i had to spot $600 bux for now....glad i got paid if not...there would have been some problems! i dont know why if they cant have the $ to me on time then y cant they just let me know...i promise i wont get mad...

so this old friend started to randomly start texting me first it was about once a week or every few almost everymorning i get this hilarious way that they want to say hello/ dont go thinking that something more is going to come from it...this person is heavly involved wit another gal (well from that last time i heard he was) and not to mention we just dont match anyway...and im just not is nice to have someone to chat with off and on thru the day since "someone" else wont....guess i wasnt looking but i guess i am now....havnt talked to him n a few days. i made my attempts i even called to check on him last night...but i got no answer. i dont think ill try today...i feel that i have made more than my share of attempts the past few days. and since i have gotten no answer i dont want to feel like i am annoying him or i guess ill just wait...ifnot...rightnow the idea of letting it be has settled with me....but we will c later down the road. *sigh* oh well...i realized i dont need anyone to make me happy or content...i got me, the good lord, and my sorority sisters and My homie Aubrie to get me through the day. maybe the lord will bless me with something...maybe he already has and he is still teaching me patients...i know that is something i have had to learn this summer LoL...b/c when i want something i want it right then and there...

weeeeeeel i have an hour left at i guess ill pull out my MCAT study cards or sumthin until i have more work to do :)
.....until next time....

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