...And The CountDown Begins....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the countdown...until me going home...until the MCATS....
home...august 10th
MCATS...August 7th....the day before aubries BDAY!!! talk about partyin afterwerdz!

1. my friends that r my family 2. basketball/golf/art 3. belive it or not...but school!

1. insects of any kind (flying, crawling, jumping...) and rodents 2. failure 3. Being alone

1. get into med school...become a doctor 2. visit Italy, go to hawaii...just travel!! 3. live a happy, healthy life hopefully with someone i Love

Current obsessions/collections:
1. AKA perry 2. anything basketball related (mostly shoes and hoopin shorts) 3. Grey's Anatomy...c'mon how can you not be addicted!

Random surprising facts:
1. i love takin showers in the dark with a candle or night light...dont know why i just do2. i was in a beauty pageant and got 2nd place (b/c my talent sucked! LoL) 3. i am easily amused and its the little things that really make me happy

Exciting things you want to do:
1. speak italian fluently 2. go to a lakers game...courtside..wearin either a Kobe or Magic jersey
3. travel around the world and play golf on some of the most prestige golf courses

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