Tuesday, July 15, 2008

well today was a good day...i have started to get in the habit of finding at least one thing about my day that i am happy/grateful for...i do it right before i go to sleep and i reflect on the day that i had. and when i get up in the morning i just ask for the strength to make it thru the day and i express how grateful i am to have gotten to wake up to see a new day. i think it starts/ends my days so much better...

good things come to those who wait....right?

i think i am learning the true meaning for patients! with the whole car situation and with dealing with other things/people in my life...i have realized that i am having to take a deep breath...and just smile about it. once i realize there is nothing i can do to change the situation or how people are i guess it slightly puts my mind at ease. i just wish that i didn't have to do it so frequently b/c it does make me realize certain aspects about things/people that i did not realize before.

i got to talk to Aubrie last night and we almost chattered for a hour! it is sooo weird to be away from her so long. she really is a great friend and i am really excited about getting to spend my last year at Truman with her...maybe we will get lucky and get to move to the same area after we graduate...we have talked about it a few times...but who knows...we shall see!

one word.... HOME

Texas has the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises...the best stars at night...and there is no place like home...i am in dire need to get thru the summer so i can get back home and just enjoy TEXAS for a while....

wanted to share this song....had to...its stuck in my head! :)

Time....by Musiq Soulchild

[Verse 1 ] I'd like to take a minute to apologizeFor not taking advantage of youThrough all the years you've passed me byHonestly I really wanted tobe mad at you, yesFor so many hours waiting, yeahI finally know what it means to be patientAnd everything has its place, yeahAnd reason and I've learned that....

[ Chorus ] Time waits for nothingAnd everything is gonna take itstime for it to happenTime waits for nothingAnd everything is gonna take its timeTime waits for nothing and no oneCause everything has its time

[ Verse 2 ] I used to think that if I triedThen maybe I could change the things thatI regretted in my past lifeBut through all the lessonsthat you taught meI have learned my experiencesenhanced my character, yesNow as I look back with what I know nowI can say that I wouldn't change a thingCause I love who I became, yeahAnd when it's all said and doneI can only live for todayCause I've learned that...[Chours]

I used to find it hard to believeAnd almost impossible to conceive, yeahEverything I do revolves around youAnd knowing that, its kind crazy to meNow if I had a dollar for every momentThat I spent watching my days go byDoing, doing, doing nothingI probably never be penniless or hopeless.

[ Verse 3 ] So for a while now, I've kept in mindCause what they say is trueThat you are of the essenceDown to the very last secondAnd I'm so glad that I've grown toRespect you

[ Chorus 4x ]

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