Friday, July 18, 2008

....Does love truly exist....?
that "out of the ball park...nothing but shooting stars...there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about you almost all day...i get butterflies...your smile makes me melt..." kinda love that is on both sides and that is everlasting?
now i know there is the type of love one shares with a friend or family...but there are even different degrees and levels to that kind of love...and even then its not truly everlasting. i have found that it is still only part time...
part time...i guess that would be the best word to use. like part time friends...they want to be cool with you "part of the time" and the other 1/2 they act differently....
well I'm going to have to say that i want to get rid of all the "part time" in my life...I'm only looking to keep the full-timers. the part time ppl are getting full time benefits (such as my wholesome friendship) but are only putting in 1/2 the effort...guess its time to "trim the fat" or as they would say in the old days..."I'm heading to the laundry mat"

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