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Monday, July 21, 2008

week 8:5 of 8

the title of this blog i heard in a verse in a song that played in my ipod today...i just caught it barley when i was working out and it just stuck in my head all day.

today was a good HOOOOTTTTT day....i walked to work and didnt make it a block until i had already started sweating!

slept in unil 9:30 (since i had to go to bed late and get up earlly the past 3 days) woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned my room, grabbed lunch, went to class, went and worked out, went home for dinner, then came to work. sumone noticed ive been working out!!! it makes me so happy b/c i thought that i couldnt even tell a diff, but i guess you can...

this is the last week of classes!!!! im so excited...oh and i realized today that i worked OVER 40 hours from friday until sunday! talk about overtime! im excited b/c it puts me that much closer to gettin my car :) by the way i have been lookin online and found a few that i really like.

.................unitl next time................

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Hey! I have no idea how you found me, but I wanted to say a huge thanks for posting me on your blog! I am very, VERY thankful! If you are in Austin, TX this October and want to do a photo shoot let me know! I'll be there the 4th-the 9thish :) Seriously, thanks again!!

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