Wednesday, July 20, 2011

well i think i have a stalker!!
well not exactly...but close enough...listen to my story...

OK so a few months ago (i would have to say sometime in late may)
i was working at the bar....
A group of guys come in and of course flirted and got drinks from me all night (which is not strange or unusual)
Well this night one guy in particular (his name is Carlos...yes it is his real name and i try not to use real names but at this point i don't care...LoL) would NOT leave me alone.
So it is closing time and we are trying to get people to leave and he asks me for my number.
in a flirty way i say no...but i end up giving it to him anyway because at the time i was very single and willing to  give a guy a chance (not to mention he was latino and i have a weakness for latino men!! LoL).
Well needless to say by the time i had gotten off of work that night (which had only been a few hours after i had given him my number) he had called me 4 times and sent me 6 text messages!?!?! ummmm yea

so the next day he calls me...so i answer and tell him that i have a boy friend and that he should not call me. His response:..."i don't care...you are beautiful"....so i say thanks and say again that i have a boyfriend (and we all know this is not true...LoL) hoping he would get the hint and again asked him to stop calling me....since May...this guys still calls and texts me!!! and not just once or twice...but several times!! and no i have not answered his call or responded to his text since MAY!

So now i am stuck with this creepy Carlos guy calling/texting me every night (almost every night but usually on Friday and Saturday nights) and he will text me...and then call me...and leave me a message that is pretty much the same "Hey Stephanie (he pronounces it Steff-ahh-neeeey b/c of his accent...LoL)...this is Carlos! Call me!"...that is it...

OK guys seriously...do you not get the hint after a few weeks!?!
if a girl tells you she has a boyfriend then you should back off...
and if you still call and text for a few weeks and she does not answer you then i think that is a sure sign that you should just give up!!!

Well my next plan is if i happen to be hanging out with my new guy (oooh i need to write a post about him!! :-) )  and he happens to call i will have him answer and tell him not to call back....i guess that is the only way to solve the problem? i hope so...if not i guess ill have to figure out a new plan...

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Er! Yes you have to write about the new guy!

I hate guys who don't get the message but you always find them. Just so long as he doesn't turn up at your work or places you hang out. I really don't know why they don't get the message xx

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