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Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday My Blogging Buddies!
Today is Monday so you know what that means?
Its Monday Instagram Hop Time!!

This week I have yet another amazing co-host!
I would like to introduce to you guys Jessica! 
You can find her blog HERE
AND you can also find her on Instagram @frikkenduckie

Jessica is a WONDERFUL mom!
She shares so many pictures of her family, fashion advice, as well as a Fitness Friday segment (and you guys know much I LOVE health and fitness related bloggers and post!)

So if you have a free minute please take some time to hop on over to her blog or Instagram account and check out what she has to share :-)

So here is your chance to reach out and meet some new people! Add YOUR Instagram name below and hop around to a few other! If you find a few that you like please feel free to follow them.  

This week I REQUEST (but you do not have 2 if you do not want 2! I can't/won't make you do anything that you do not want to do!!) that you go and follow me and my co-host via Instagram
After all...this is a Instagram hop! 

So...Ready...Set...GO HOP! :-)
Have a marvelous Monday!!

**P.S. Looking for Co-Host for this Instagram hop! So please contact me if you are interested!**


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Thank you for hosting!

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