...Timebomb Thursday...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to another Thursday!
That just means that Friday is RIGHT around the corner!!

This week has for sure FLOWN by!!!

Today, i am bring back Timebomb Thursday!

Today lets take a little stroll down memory lane to look at these great items from our childhood

Today we are going to take a look at T.V. shows that had us hooked every Saturday morning!
Who can remember this amazing show:


This show was SO funny! With the teenage dinosaur kids and the little stewie like dinosaur baby.
It was a TV sensation during my childhood and was on cereal boxes, happy meals, and even school supplies. 

How about this show:


this low budget comic like show was one of my favorites!
It has the HeeMan Action figure along with the hilarious Alien who was always getting into trouble.
It was so random...low budget...but SO GOOD!

Ok last for this week...How about this show:

Gullah Gullah Island

This show was a show i would NOT miss each week!
As a child we got to vacation on the beach a lot so i think that also played a huge factor into it.  
I loved the songs, the dances, and that BIG YELLOW FROG was my favorite!!

I hope that some of you were able to enjoy some of these shows during your younger years.
These were all great shows (in my opinion) and i can honestly say that i miss them and i hope that i will be able to share them with my kids!

Happy Thursday guys!
Have a great day and hold tight until Friday gets here!! :-)
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Haha Dinosaurs was hilarious! I loved that show! Tv just isnt the same.

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