Friday, January 23, 2009

well the pic above is perfect...b/c i made a list last entry...now i am going to make another..LoL
this time the list i am making today is the "Things You Dont Know List"...
this list is a collection of things that most people dont know about me b/c they are just too selfish to pay attention or i just dont tell them :)
1.i LOVE to look at the stars...i dont know i just love looking up and taking a few sec. to drift off...i honestly think NO one knows that...
2. i love for the guys to play with my hair
3. coldstone icecream is the way to my heart!!! LoL (cheesecake with choc chips)
4. i hate when ppl i havnt made out with drinks after me...OMG i will just throw the drink away..
5. ive never had a guy do something romantic for me...not ONE things :(
6. i can not eat a whole pizza by myself...i try but when i get to slice #3 i start to get sick...LoL
7.i Love to cook! it is so much fun..i love trying to cook new and exciting things
8. i love a guy who can hoop and is not afraid to beat me...but will sometimes let me win :)
9. i love to sit and watch ESPN...my fav show...greys anatomy!!!
10. im not a "label hoe"...i like cute things if i get a bargain even better, and if it happens to be name brand then great...LoL
11. i have a great habit of showing my appreciation with my wallet...yea im gonna break that habit real fast.
12. im very independent, but i like a guy who even if i say no will Sometimes go against my will
13. i LOVE surprises!!! that is another way to win me...
14. i am very considerate...or just really dumb...LoL i give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless the prove me to think otherwise
15. i currently have 7 pillows on my bed...i love to just surround myself with them when i have to sleep alone...the best sleep ever!
16. i manage my money VERY WELL...people think im "ballin" well im not rich but im not living pay check to pay check b/c i try to manage the money that i do get.
17. i love to listen to music, workout, play golf and hoop...i use those things to relax...
18. i hate FEET! i mean i think its a little weird when ppl touch my feet...but im not gonna lie i have gotten one really good foot massage before
19. i only sing if im alone ad i know no one is around..and i do the same with dancing...
20. one day i want to bungee jump and sky dive! gotta do something crazy b4 i get 2 old 2do it
21. WHEN i go to a lakers game...my seat will be court side and i will be wearing wither a KOBE or JOHNSON jersey...
22. i want to own a bar or club or something that will bring in some easy cash...think it will b fun
23. i want to have a HUGE family...i mean me actually giving birth to all of them im not sure about but i will foster and adopt :)
24. i love to swim..i dont get to do it often but i can swim like a fish
25. i hate bugs! any kind! or bats....or birds....anything with wings...just freaks me out if they get close to me
26. i want to travel EVERYWHERE...i want to go to all 50 states...
27. i am a very optimistic person...i always try to see the good of bad situations and look at long term affects of something and not just what is right now...
28. mystical...UGK...and other old school hits are a must! i was raised on them...
29. i LOVE reggae music!
30. im a light weight when it comes to drinking...LoL only a few drinks and im gone...
31. im a tomboy at heart...but yet i still like to a pretty girl at times...but it still comes out
32. i love to wear my guys t-shirt or shorts or something...esp if they are just HUGE on me :)
33. i like thoughtful creative gifts...u dont have tobuy expensive crazy things, just something thoughtful and creative...
34. even tho i might try to act hard, i do like a little affection
35. the best way to spend the night is cuddled up sippin on wine and watchin a good movie
36. i hate being fake or not true...if i dont like someone or something i will make it known instead of trying to dance around it and act like everything is ok
37. i love honesty...not telling the truth just causes more problems...even tho the truth might hurt i would rather know the truth than be lied to
38. i just want to be happy!!! make me happy and that is all i need...
39. my fav candy...BIG HUNK (which u can only get in my home town) or hot tamales!
40. my fav pizza: from pizza hut or digiorno
41. love turtle cookies or brownies, my dads home made cheesecake, & my roomies baked goodies (yes all of them are good b/c everything she has made i have liked...thanx danielle! :) )
42. i like to eat healthy and TRY to lead a healthy lifestyle...but that dosnt always work out...hey somedays you gotta indulge! LoL
43. He has got to have short fingernails!!! (long fingernails are just so gross...LoL)
well those are the major points that stick out n my mind for right now...but im sure i can add more to the list after i think about it for a little bit :)
well today is friday and i really want to go out and get a little intoxicated...LoL but we will see how that goes when i get off of work. brandon is leaving for his away game. so ill have the night to hang out with the girl...even tho i did drop a hint last night that i wanted him to come over i dnt think that he got it...LoL...oh well...all i can do is wait... but yea drinking is def the plans for tonght b/c i have done good and i havnt drank ina while! so yea, its time...i will get some homework done then reward myself :) sounds like a plan to me!!!
........................until next time....................

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