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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well i have decided NOT to make a list of new years resolutions....i decided to dub this year "The Year of The First"...this year i am going to push myself to do things i have not done for whatever reasons....ive gone to miami for new years (the first time i have spent new years someplace other than at home in lubbock texas!!!), i held an alligator...the first xmas i didnt go too overboard with giving ppl gifts (i know its tech not 2009, but its close enough and that when i came up with the idea....LoL), hmmm this time at home is the first time ihave really just spoiled myself...with the extra money i didnt save whil ei was in miami i bought myselfe some shoes, new flat iron (VERy expensive), and some clothes..., oh while in miami i tried alot of differnt foods such as cuban, Mediterranean, a place called Fogo De Chio (OMG one of my top 5 fav places), tried alot of new alcoholic drinks,....

these past 11 days of january i have already done ALOT of new and different things...and that is just the start of it. i plan to do many more...

now my goals ...

1. say NO to procrastination!!!! (its my worst enemy and i do it all the time, i need to stop NOW)

2. be more mindful and less wasteful of $ ( i mean im not rich but i am able to get by with a little extra and i always just get what i want when i need to be more mindful and save every penny that i can...like eating at home, not buying stupid things, not having to pay stupid fines, etc)

3. score well on the MCATs and get my grades up (next year i want to be very competitive and not be afraid to apply to any school that i want too...)

4. Be more honest and truthful and become someones top priority for once (who cares what ppl will think, i need to start caring less about other ppl and MORE about me. im tired of taking the back seat to other people when i put them in the front seat.)

5. stay better n touch with family and friends (even tho i do a pretty good job @ it i can def try harder...)

6. grow more as a person and just enjoy each day MORE

7. add to this list b/c i know that there are alot more things that i can do to improve :)

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