Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday...i got off of work feeling pretty good. it was about 1pm and it was sunny outside.  It was a little hot but nothing that i could not handle.  I get off to work to meet up with my sorority sister and my ex-roomie.

Well my sorority sister was needing help moving into her new place...and my new roomie was to move into his new room.  Me having just worked a 9 hour shift...no i was not up to helping lug heavy boxes and furniture...but i did what friends do and i helped!

Well after moving i meet up with my ex-roomie (Erica) and we meet up for our usual "roomie dinner date" (well i guess it will be friend dinner date since we are no longer roomies :-(  )
We go to the steakhouse in town and decided to start the night off with small cocktails.  I have a glass of wine with my dinner and she a jack Daniels cranberry mix.  There was a nice gentleman at the end of the bar who was causally laughing at the silly things we would randomly rant about and joining into our conversations when we would bash the cubs or other sports teams he was a fan of.  Before leaving, this nice man buys both of us a shot of Patron! (yea i know...very nice! and you already know that i LOVE tequila!!)

So during dinner (before the shot and after helping everyone move) i am texting Mr. Adventure.  He randomly tells me that he sent some beef jerky with his friend who was on his way to the cabin and i would have to go meet up with him to get it.  This is a surprise for me!!! I knew he was making beef jerky a few days ago (which tastes AMAZING!!!) but he made no implication that he was sending me some! SO i was very excited and happy about that surprise.  Well he was very stern on the fact that i needed to go drive the 20-something miles to the cabin to get this beef jerky (instead of getting it another night like i suggested or meeting up with his friend when he headed back through town on Sunday). So after dinner i tell Erica to hop in the car with me and i drive her out to my new weekend adventure spot.

Upon getting there i see Mr. Adventures friends and make small talk.  Wondering where the delicious beef jerky was...i see Mr. Adventures dog.  Well i think nothing of this because...ill admit...sometimes i just don't put things together as fast as i should...LoL

Then in walks Mr.Adventure!!!
Yea!!! my jaw dropped with excitement as i ran over to greet him.  This was exciting because we made small talk about what we both had planned for this weekend and he told me he had to stay at home and get stuff done and maybe help at his uncle's farm...So In my mind i was not expecting to see him at all (not to mention i had a list of things i wanted to do this weekend as well) But he also got to meet Erica! (he has heard a lot about her...and she has heard a lot about him...it was about time they met i guess!)

Needless to say i was very surprised and excited.  I LOVE surprises and he did a good job.  Not only did i get to see him and spend time with him but i got some of his amazing beef jerky!! :-)

To make a long story short...it was a fun filled weekend with lost of adventure in the woods!! (everyday is an adventure when your with Mr. Adventure...hence why he got his name...LoL) I also got to shoot a .22 rifle and pistol for the first time! It was so much fun! I will admit i loved shooting those way more than shooting the 20 shotgun i shot back in October.

Well next weekend is the big float trip...and yes Mr. Adventure will be there :-)
This feels great....i honestly cant remember the last time most things in my life were going in good direction...all at the same time! I love this feeling and i hope that it does not go away anytime soon

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awww, how sweet! Sounds like mr. adventure is bringing lots of adventure into your life :)

♛ FWB said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You're making ME feel like I want to meet MR.ADVENTURE! LOL!! Great post

Don't forget: our chatroom is tomorrow at 8pm eastern & we're discussing relationships. =] We had a blast during our last one and everyone got to promote their sites and meet great people. Hope to see you there!

Kimberly FWB

Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I wanna meet him too! Or at least see a picture. He sounds wonderful! xx

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