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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over the past year or so, me and my gals always agree that we need our own reality show.

From dealing with school work...to ppl graduating and trying to figure out life.
Like i have said several times before we are Notorious for taking trips when we all can so there is never a dull moment when we are together.

From relationships (or me the crazy girl who did the online dating thing)
To everyday life encounters...
There are days that i have to seriously ask myself is my life is real because i cant believe the things that are actually going on around me.

If you could just see the smorgasbord personalities of the friends i hang out with you too would agree we would be a pretty interesting show to watch...
on many different occasions...from many different ppl we have been called "The Sh*t" show...
let me give you a run down...

There is Erica....
the lesbian whisperer...LoL
She has been know to steal girls right from under the date they are with and even has turned a few straight girls curious. She is a woman...so in a way she knows what women want (and need)...which is a bad combo because she defiantly has the same intentions of a man...sex

There is Michael...
The gay guy who does not think he looks/acts gay
But he is...and he is always trying to do our hair...or help with our outfits.
He is a BIG social butterfly and meets some of the most weird/random ppl
He brings a smile to anyones face and is full of laughter and fun.
There is NEVER a dull moment when you are with this kid.

There is Thiky...
Our Asian friend
That is all that is needed to be said...LoL

She is not gay...and she is spicy! I love her personality and her attitude about life
She is a short Asian and is pretty good looking!!

There is Kelsey...
Kelsey is the party goer (also a heterosexual unlike the first two ppl listed...LoL)
She knows there there is a party...and if there is not one...she makes one!
No matter what group of ppl we end up partying with (usually guys) she can out drink ANY guy i know!

There is Me...
The mom of the group...
I usually organize and plan most of the trips.
Being the person who has been single the longest...i am good at flirting...and using my goods to get free drinks (and food...LoL...hey gotta use what i got until its gone! or until I'm finally taken off the market...)
I can party with the best of them...but being the oldest i also tend to sit back and watch (mostly laugh) as the others are running circles around me going crazy (and I'm usually the one taking the pictures or like in south padre last year i had the video camera the whole time...yea def got some interesting stuff!)

There is Aubrie...
The country girl
she was raised in a small town (like super small)
She is still learning how to keep up with us
But i ALWAYS have a gr8 time when she joins us in the mix

We have a few other random friends that defiantly add to the craziness of our group.
But when ppl see us out...We tend to draw ppl that want to hang out because we are always having such a great time.

Unlike Jersey Shore...or the real world...there would not be a fight every week...or dumb stupid questions asked (like where is Italy on the map :-/   )
And unlike those "I'm trying to find eternal love" shows...you wont see us making out or getting it on with ppl we just met a few days ago...but what you will get is episodes full of laughter...great adventures...and complete randomness that makes life so much more enjoyable
I guess those are the things that bring in the ratings...and i guess that is why we will never have our own reality show...but it is nice to dream!

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Alynne Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

LOL! I've definitly felt like my life could pass for a reality show, at points.
I enjoyed reading your "character" synopsis!! (: hahaha

Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I would love to meet your friends, you guys sound like a hoot! I often think my life should be a reality tv show. Mine would be more like The Hills than Jersey Shore though xx


globetracer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Was there an online dating post I missed? (cuz I only did it too, but I can't blog about it RIGHT NOW!, I'm still talking to the dude.) lol

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