Friday, August 5, 2011

well last night was my last night with the whole house to myself

Over the past few weeks (since my roomie Erica had to move out) i have enjoyed being able to have the house to myself! (well my sorority sister has been staying with me this summer but it has been so much fun having her around! she has not caused any strain at all!)

But that all ends today...i just got the call the they are on their way back and a new roomie is moving in.  This time its not a lesbian mixed black and white girl...its a guy that is a friend of my other roomie. We needed someone to cover Erica's room because she was gonna go into the air force (but those plans quickly changed and she is staying here another year to take classes. yeah! :-)  )

I have lived with a guy before.  Lucky for me we all have our own bathrooms.  And there is enough space between our rooms that i usually cant hear noises that come from that room unless i walk by the door as i am coming up the stairs.  He seems to be really nice but i am unsure how neat/clean he is...

I would like to warm ppl...i am this kind of roomie (when i have to ask time and time again for ppl to start/stop doing dumb things!)

OK...OK...I'm not this bad...but i am not afraid to leave a note...text message...or phone call when ppl are not doing what they should do.  I am a stickler on cleaning up your mess after you cook food. If you clean up right after you cook it saves time and it is so much easier to clean up pots/dishes right after you use them!
Since i have my own bathroom that's not an issue (because i am picky about that as well and i keep my bathroom pretty clean ALL the time). But community spaces (i.e. the kitchen and living room) is not another place to store your dirty/clean laundry or other random crap you cant put up in your own room.

I like to have roomies.  It makes bill cheaper...and i honestly just don't like being alone.  Yes i am slightly afraid to be stuck at home all alone some nights.  It makes me feel better when the weather is bad or if i am just uneasy in general to know that someone else is there just in case. 

In the past i have had some weird...and BAD roomie situations.  But overall i have not had too many problems.  I have always had one good roomie around.  But i know that i am set in my ways about some things and I'm sure that has driven some of my past/current roomies crazy.

Besides...i like the passive aggressive notes.  They are way more fun to create. And i feel like your mom if i am scolding you every time i see you about something you did/did not do at home.  The note is clean...cut...and to the point...no doubt what so ever about what needs to be done!

But i do find that i am enjoying the idea of one day living alone...not having to worry about coming home to a sink full of dishes (even tho we have a dishwasher!) and all the other crazy random things that i have to come home too. But for now...i will enjoy splitting bills and rent with several other ppl. And if i need to get away it give me a reason to road trip to go see other friends who have moved away!

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