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Thursday, August 11, 2011

well...it is almost here!!!
I had tried to plan a surprise float trip for my ex-room/bestie Erica...But due to some ppl (Erica's girlfriend...uuuh yea she is now on my sh*t list...) having diarrhea at the mouth (and i kinda spilt the beans a little bit 2) it turned out to not be so secret...
but tomorrow at 2pm we will be hitting the road to head on a FLOAT TRIP!!

I have some friends (some of which Erica does not now about) meeting us at the camp site..and Mr. Adventure has been so nice to also come and help us city girls learn how to camp.  Yes i said we are also camping!!! I have been camping only once and it was when i was a little kid.  Since then i have been DREAMING of the time i can go camping again and it is here!
Mr. Adventure gets 100 Brownie points for this...not only is he coming to help out...he has a lot of the things we will need (i.e. tent...campfire stuff...)
He is gonna pretty much do all the heavy labor while we drink and look pretty....LoL
I am so excited that me and my girls will be able to meet up for a weekend get away in the woods

Erica can not swim...so i got her some sponge bob floaties! LoL
I have already been to wal-mart and got all the food that is needed for the trip (and the booze)
I have made sure the campsite and raft is reserved (and paid for)
And i have made sure to let ppl know the times we are meeting up and where to be.
I have even pre-programmed the camp site into my Garmin GPS (and printed off map quest directions just in case...)
If you cant already tell...i like to plan and be organized!
I am sad more ppl could not come...but with the group of ppl that are coming i know it will def be a weekend to remember!

So look forward to my next post...and of course some pictures from this weekend.
I have my bug spray and sun tan lotion...my new bikini and tons of food and booze to last me the weekend.
*sigh* i REALLY love my life right now... :-)

p.s....got some photo shoots planned for the end of the month!!
and OMG let me tell you...i am doing some America's Next Top Model type shoots! Ill def have to keep you updated and share some pix!

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This sounds like so much fun! I hope you had a blast. And yes, major brownie points. I hope he won't be the only guy xx

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