Thursday, July 1, 2010

have you ever found an issue or topic that you just did not feel wa right? did you ever just feel like you were mistreated by someone above you but that you could not just do anything about it?  well i felt that way and i did something about it....needless to to say it kinda worked!

a doctor and nurse decided to yell at me and treat me like i was just some dunce from the street. i stood up for myself. i wrote a report...and turned it into the CEO.
I made some demands and i got them!!

i finally know what it feels like to stand up for what you belive in. i did it at work. not 100% happy with the outcome but at least i made a small ripple at work
its all about resect. no  matter if you are a nurse, a doctor, or anything, you should get treated with respect. that is all i was aking for. hopefully now people (nurses and doctors) with think twice befroe deciding to just be mean and go off on someone just because they are having a bad day. but i am happy that i stood up for myself and for what i do. and for the fact that i know that i was right. :)

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