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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

do you ever just casually think about the people that you use to date or that you use to love?
and wonder or go back to why you felt that way for them?
all the good times?
all the bad?

I think back to that oftern ( i suppose because i am alone and single now)
but it is annoying to see them happy.
not to say that they should be sad and miserable...
but those who caused you so much pain are so happy and carrying on

i realized one thing that i have take from each of my "old flames"...
yes i have managed to sneak away some type of article of clothing (but to my suprise i have gotten rid of most of the collection i had...)
i have gotten music

from RVS...the amazing collection of old school rap and hip hop
from the nupe...an amazing collection of neo soul and jazz/r&b
from chase bank....some old school classics and some texas songs that make your heart melt
from my first love...reggaton....yes i am in love with the style and now hav a HUGE collection (thanks to him)
from Texas Boi...some good/bad wayne and other good texas rap songs (and some good slow jamz)

i dont know if it a habit or if it is a trend...
the worst part is when we break up/go out seperate ways
and the songs come up on my ipod (b/c i like to keep it on random)
yea it will take me a bit to get over that feeling and to actual enjoy the songs for what they are
but not that i have this amazing song collection
and now that i have no emotional attachement to any of them at all
now that i am happy with me and blessed to se each day
patiently awaiting for the next "genre" or "playlist" to come into my life
i will continue to enjoy the music i was given

music...i would not be able to make it through the day without it.
music...each verse and each beat provide motivation on those down days
music...the instant smile on my face when "that song" plays

i am always looking to increase my collect...who knows what songs i will be introduced to next :)

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