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Thursday, July 15, 2010

saturady, july 10, 2010
this was prob the most fun i have ever had at work.
That day i got to work with Tammy and Hillerey
It was a nice slow day.
Not alot of morning draws to do
just a nice steady load to get done and then the rest of the day i got to enjoy

But on this day...
it was the first time that i could actualy talk about my moms death
and not cry
not get sad
it was like we all understood eachother
tammy lost her husband
and hillarey lost her mom

tammy had asked if there was anything more she could do for her children
she could still see that they were hurting
and i think both hilarey and i helped her out
we talked about the annoying abundence of food that people would bring us
or the excessive phone calls/text
it has been the first time since my mom passed that i found people that understood
or that could relate
it was very comfoting
i feel that at that time, on that day we grew a closer bond to eachother
thoughout all this time
talking to family and friends
i never felt or found someone who felt the same or shared the same feeling
even when talking with my sister or brothers
but it was weird how we all could relate and know completly how each other had felt
we excahnged stories of pre/post the passing of our loved ones
and like i said it was just comforting.

i know i prob will never find that again
but if i need that comfort
the same feeling i felt while we were talking about it
i will just think back to that moment
when we all sad in the break room
had an amazing breakfast of bagels and fruit
and shared a tragic incodent that we all shared
i know some days are easier to deal with it
and i know the pain, questions, and sadness will never fully go away
i think the lord knew i needed that moment
and i will forever be greatful

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