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Saturday, July 24, 2010

well i have solved my "clutter" problem!!

As you may or may not know i am getting ready to move...yes...again... :-/
and in doing so i have concluded to a new moving method...
throw a load in my car...drive (less than a mile) to my new place and orginize it/put it where it belong.
i feel this method will be alot better than puting everything in boxes...and it will force me to put things away ASAP as they will have to go somewhere before i can bring more stuff over :)

well as i have started to collect things and put some things in boxes, others in piles or suitecases...i have come across about 60 (yes i said 60) articles of clothing that i have...with tags still on them...and i have not worn them....

yes i know...this is an awful thing....there are people in the world who could have used the money i some what wasted on these clothes that have been sitting in my closet for god knows how long...so i created a solution....sale them :)

my first thought was the salvation army...or good will...but they were still new....with the tags on them!!!
so ebay...YES!
i know i need a new desk ( i am taking my current one to the 2nd hand store to sale...) and i need a book shelf (for all of my AKA sorority decorations...and i need a shelf/holder for my collection of 250 DVD's.
so in order to get new things i want for my house. i must sale other things that i have.
sounds like a good trade off.
out with the old...and in with the new.
in order to get the desk, shelf, and DVD stand i must de-clutter my life and my closet.
i am on a budget ( to get my bills paid by the end of the summer and to put $ aside for my NYC trip) so i have to be smart.
i do have money saved...but i dont want to get back in my old habit of just buying b/c i have the money and just b/c i want it. so if i want it i must get rid of some things :)
i have already sold $200 worth of stuff!! (yes all brand new and i even made a profit off of some of the items i sold). i still have about 40 items still up for auction right now. if i sale everything i will have more than enough to get the desk, DVD stand, and shelf...and maybe a GPS for my car....oh yea and $ to go into my "NEw Computer" fund....LoL

so far so good...i will def be sure to keep you updated :)

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