Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is a littel poem i came up with on the fly about something i do each week with a big group of friends. some of my friends have moved away and it makes me sad that i dont get to see them or share this time with them anymore. But i have these pictures and memories and now this poem i would like to share...it is a little silly but it was really hard to come up with some of the things that i wanted to incorpotate...LoL

i would like to share with you what happens on tuesday...usually every week
me and a group of my friends meet up for a little drink
well we usually start with just one or two
but after a while we lose count and have more than a few

for a dollar a drink you cant help but get three or four
but we also must order food to eat so we dont crawl out the door

we all have good conversation and make jokes
but the best part is chugging a margarita while trying not to choke

we have our own special section in the back
so no one has to question where we will be at

this is a tuesday tradition for me and my friends
i am so sad when the day comes that it has to end

a few people already are missing from our group each week
so we make a toast to them and try not to weep

we keep in our hearts and mind all the good times we had
and we all try to keep a smile on our faces to keep from being sad

for only a few dollars who knew you could have so much fun!!!
as soon as you wake up on tuesday morning you know what is to be done
later that day we knew all of our paths would cross
so we could meet at La Pachanga and yell "UNO MAS!!!"

to all my friends both old a new.
i will always love and miss you!!!

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