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Friday, June 25, 2010

well the truth hurts....sometimes it really does. but i would honestly rather people tell me the truth than try to sugar coat things. i feel that alot of things in my life would have been way better off is someone just did not lie to me...but that is the human instinct i guess. maybe that is why my friends are my friends. i am very blunt and honest. now i know when to back off and just stay quiet but at the same time i know when to chime in and let my opinion be heard.

there is a fine line between telling the truth and simply just lying. and i think some people lie to just strive for the attention. why lie? why not just tell it how it is? or just not say anything at all? those questions may never be answered...but i guess it is done for the affect one can get after the tale has been told.

well this is week 3 of my INTENSE work out. right now i am going 6 days a week (sunday is my off day but we still have softball games...which is pretty low key) one day of the 6 is a light day with alot of stretching. i am doing ALOT of cardio. do my 30-45 min routine, then hop on the machine for 20-30 depending on how much time i have left b4 i gotta get to work or research and on how tired i am that day. and i have been lifitng with the arms this week.

it def has been hard but i feel great!! i can def start to see small changes in my body (not that i was super over weight or anything) but the definition and tone is def. coming to my arms and legs. just wanting to get to a certain level. 6 more weeks left of this program and i cant wait to see the results at the end!!! i honestly feel good about it each day. yes i am tired some days and dont want to hit the gym, but after i get done i feel so much better and feel like i have accomplished so much already. i just have to keep the motivation and i can make it through the next six weeks. i have only missed one day (and it was due to the lack of facilities to use) but i have been on top of it. and the fact that i put in a little extra after my routine helps out so much. i am super excited to reach the end and feel good about what i have achieved :)

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