Saturday, June 12, 2010

on my endevour to find "sumeone"..."anyone" worth my time/compasion/love/...etc....i found this blog post...
it is sad that so many women out there are having trouble finding a good guy. i could relate so much to this post b/c that is exactly what happens to me....ALL THE TIME...i am just ready to not be treated that way and to just find the perfect fit for me. Altho it is sad, i do find comfort that so many women/girls out there are going thru the same issues/problem i am with men/boys (lets face it...even tho the should be men their actions lead me to call them boys...) i just remain hopefull...and know that GoD had made someone for me...i just have to be patient and i will find him....eventually...(hopefully sooner than later...LoL)

**i found this on another bloggers site....http://steviwonderwoman.blogspot.com/2010/06/miss-me-shift-me-kiss-me.html

" I'm so tired of being swept off my feet with baseball bats .

they often times break my ankles and lack the tenderness of brooms .

instead, I'm left kneeling in submission & out of things to give .

I'm so tired of falling in love and landing on my face .

I'd rather face the possibility that 'he' would catch me before i slam into the concrete .

it's not like i fall intentionally .

nope .

they pull the magic carpet from beneath my feet when things get a little dusty .

but what love is orderly ...always ? I don't need OCD love . things inevitably get messy .

I'm so tired of the line, "girls mature faster than boys" . maturity is only a pinch of intelligence & a cup of accountability . should i pour these ingredients in his morning coffee ?

i mean, his sippy cup ?

I'm so tired of lending my ears to vent to, my shoulder to cry on, and my hand to help up and if that isn't enough ... being expected to give my vagina too .

I'd give away my embraces like Halloween candy . I'd share my undying support like recess snacks . I'd lend my loyalty as freely as a borrowed pencil ... if it meant that i would simply get it in return .

my mother told me, "Stevi, don't get discouraged by being a good girl . Guys like the fast girls now ... but they'll marry girls like you ."

can you repeat that ?

marriage is the only time when i can expect honesty, love & respect ?

should i anticipate lying, selfishness, insincerity and disrespect in the meantime ?

I'm no ones damn floor mat . I'm no ones 'trial run' . they can keep the 'game' that insults my intelligence . they can keep the half-assed, lazy attempts at dating me . they can keep the 'Tug-O-Stevi', i want you when it's convenient. . .

they can keep their bullshit .

I'M NINETEEN. i dont need a husband; i need real .  "

.......until next time....

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