Monday, February 23, 2009

Well nothing much to report today
work still cut my hours :( im not "ballin" like i use to be...LoL
i mean im not broke i just am not making as much as i was which is not allowing me to save as much as i was. so yea....that def makes me very sad. but maybe things will start to look up. i am just so use to working so much, having these days off is killing me b/c i dont know what to do with myself! LoL
i dont know if i should start looking for a new job or just enjoy the extra time...hmmm i dont know to be honest...we will just have to see how things work out here at the hospital.
well things everywhere else are good. went to columbia with toya this past weekend. it was alot of fun. we just hung out and shopped and ate. i only spent $100 bux and that included d meals, 3 pair of shoes, a dress, vest, shirt, belt, and bath and body works, oh and some jeans. so that was some good shopping ifyou ask me! i did good! oh yea and some AKA stuff from the greek store. so it was fun to just get away and just cut loose with toya. she is pretty kool...def a good shopping buddy. we loved everystore we went in and it was just perfect. it was fun for sure and i hope that we get to do it again sometime.
spring break is coming up soon and i dont think that im going to get to do anything fun at all. my job asked me to work some hours but im not sure if i want to..LoL...i really want to go somewhere fun and exciting! but not sure how that is going to pan out...we will have to see about that. *sigh* i wish i had friends with money and who wanted to go somewhere...but i dont...LoL
guess that means i need to meet some more people!
well i am at work now. guess that i could just start studying for some test and other things that i have coming up soon.
.............until next time...........

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