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Sunday, February 15, 2009

well yesterday was heart day. it was actually not as bad as i thought it would be. i got to sleep in, woke up washed some clothes and cleaned my room/the house. went and watched toya do the "polar bear plunge", went to the boys bball game...and yes i cook and had dinner for :him:. i was hesitant at first but i decided to after much debate. and to be honest i am glad thati did. it was so much fun and i could tell that he appreciated it. it was def different and i had alot of fun doing it..not to mention the food was great! and dessert! LoL...needless to say i was intoxicated before 9pm...and continued to get more and more intoxicated so i went to bed....but work up to all my friends calling me about going to a party (in which i didnt want to go to) but i went only b/c :his: roomey called me saying that :he: was drunk and throwing up and just...not able to stay at the party. so i get dressed...go to this party and go and get him. well it takes 30 min to get home ( live 4 blocks from the party), he spent another 30 min in the bathroom, 20 min trying to get up my stairs, and when i finally got him in my bed he passes out and was fine for the rest of the night. but i did have to get up at 5:30 am b/c i had to b at work at 6 am...and i got to bed about 3:30...it wasnt bad, i did feel bad for him. he is a rookie when it comes to drinking so he def learned his limit last night...LoL...but overall it was a good day. got some things done...and yet again lived up to my method of this being "the year of the first"...b/c for the first time i went out of my way and did something for the guy...i went all out...food...candles...dessert...movies....and the funny thing is i had to lie to :him: to get him to my house. i told :him: he had to help me move my couch b/c my roomey broke it when she was drunk. so he didnt think anything of it. and what was so nice was that he was going to take me out to eat at a mexican place in town...something that i did not expect at all. but it was nice...i just beat him to it! LoL..but i will take a rain check b/c that mexican place was actually pretty good.
but yes it was a good day...they lost their game...and me and my roomies had signs for brandon and brian...LoL..it was alot of fun. i dontk now i think that sometimes i just overthink the situation. b/c last night it was very clear that he appreciates what i have done for him. i dont know why somedays i think other wise...guess i just let my imaginiation run and it just gets the best of me...so that is something that i will def need to work on.
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