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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

well the thing that i personally thought i would never have to worry about has happened. today as i went into work, my boss had posted a change. not to the full time people but to people like me who are "part time"status. my hours were cut...and imean in half

well lucky for me, well i wouldnt say that it is luck but you know what i mean b/c i would never wish anything bad on anyone that i know...but a lady got really sick so i was able to pick up her hours which put me back at what i originally had. so i am good for now. but it does worry me. i mean i dont need alot to live off of, it is my car payment that i am most worried about. i have saved alitte bit, but i hope that i dont have to tap into it anytime soon.

i have always put things like relationships and jobs in the path of what god wants me to have. i feel that he has blessed me by looking out for me and letting me be able to find my way, so i hope and pray that he continues to do so and not just for me but for others who are having the same problem as me. i could not imagine what i would have to do without working...i am too dependent on my job. i mean if i really needed $ i could not just call my family and ask for it because they dont have it either. so i really need to watch what i spend so that i am not left in a bad situation where i am in dire need of finacial assistance. so until then i will keep praying and hope that things work for the best (not just for me, but for those other families who are going thru the same problems, i know my problems are a fraction of what they have to deal with and balance)

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