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Sunday, August 15, 2010

well...it is Sunday morning...and i am actually listening to Sunday Morning by No Doubt (def one of my top fav songs!)

yea i am so crabby this morning!!!! LoL...i just did not get alot of sleep...i did not sleep well at all...and i am tired...and cold...LoL...after listening to a little No Doubt it def has lifted my spirits and made the day seem so much more enlightening and enjoyable :)

yes i love my job...but just some weekends when i have to be up super early and cheery and just at work wears thin sometimes. but i love my job and sad to say there were several patients that put a smile on my face today.

also wanted to share a video i found....

the video has a very interesting "story line" and the song is not that bad....just saw it and wanted to share :)

throughout the day, i def stop and have small random thoughts or epiphanies...most of the time i forget them (just b/c i am that forgetful) but there are times that i remember them!!

today i want to talk about obesity....
each day i deal with patents who are severely obese (and most of them extremely rude and non grateful) and more than half of their health problems can be attributed to those problems.  now when they are rude i seriously want to just pipe up and say...he lose about 100-200 lbs and you wont have to deal with me in the first place!
it just makes me sad to see people choose to live that way. and yes i said CHOOSE because it is a choice. there are a ton of things you can do to fix this problem.

and no i am not talking about diet pills and get thin quick scams (b/c most of them are). yes it is hard work but the benefits to that hard work is sooo rewarding! and it will save you from frequent hospital visits and possibly even extend your life if you just take time to take care of yourself.

Yes i have been active all my life but it is a CHOICE. i am the only one in the family that is this way so it was an influence that i made on my own. I currently work out 5-6 days a week,....have 4 small healthy portioned meals each day. yes i do splurge every once in a while but i fell great and i can run up many flights of stairs without it killing me. it is sad to see when people cant even take the stairs to go up or DOWN one level!! it kills me!

as a health professional (and yes i can call myself that b/c i have a degree!! :) ) i feel that people should pay more attention to their lifestyles. it will be better not only for you but me! yes i may not make as much money as a doctor but at the same time i wont have to pull in the hoyer lift and call for the double wide hospital bed to accommodate you (and yes we have to do that for some patients....sad i know....) just be more conscious. start off with baby steps and gradually build up your lifestyle to something better....i have a whole list ful of things that someone can do to start to make a change...but you have to want to change! you have to want to help yourself or no one else can help you! you cant help those who don't want to be helped so when will people want to start to make a change? ....just a little food for thought...(no pun intended...LoL)...

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