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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brand New Day-Kurious Jorge (Prod by Hi-Tek) from Javier Goin on Vimeo.

Well i found this video (the video above) and just wanted to share it. i love the beat and the hook. the 2nd rapper that spits is the best, but the beat is just catchy and i found myself hummin the hook to myself so i wanted to share it.

And this video and title def tie in with how i feel

so blessed and happy to see each and every brand new day.

trying to stay positive and optamistic about all the things that life throws you.

when things are not going how i want them i try to turn it positive and focus on the things that are good in my life. there are other people in the world that are sooo worse off than me right now and i am just so happy and blessed to be in the position that i am in right now. i am truly blessed and try to thank the lord for that each and every day.

Today i am helping out a friend with a motorcycle bike wash...and yes i have to wear a bikini. see if this were 3 months ago i would not be so happy about it...but with my new insanity body i have no problem gettin all dolled up for the event. i seriously have been trying to decide which outfit to wear and only wish that i had bought some more new more exciting bikini's. but i said i was not going to buy a new one until i had reached my goal...and i am not there yet....so until then..i will keep working hard!

It is saturday, Aug, 14th...yesterday was friday the 13th. to my knowledge nothing crazy or bad happened on the 13th. i did hear a few doctors and nurses hoping that the "wolves" didnt come out during their shift. i mean i have been around to see the crazies and the chaos but at the same time are friday's the 13th really that bad. i mean i know some people who sware up and down that if any friday happens to be the 13 they are doomed and something always bad happens to them. but like most people. the 13th comes and goes just as if it were just an average regular day.

well off to work...or do something else productive....we shall see....

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