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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well i have done it...and i said that i never would...
a few weeks ago a friend of mine said she was going to join match.com
well she wanted me to do the same (b/c we have endless convos to eachother about how crappy men are and the stupid things they do...)
well she joined it. seeing as i see no need to spend money to meet people i did not (well i refuse) to pay money to be on a dating site. so i found...plentyofish.com

Its free and actually has alot of people in the radius of where i live (yes that is a HUGE suprise b/c i live in the middle of NO WHERE)

well i signed up on sunday. today is thursday. i have conversed with a few guys via messages
and have textd only 2 (the two guys i was really attracted to and thought we had a good "online connection")
well the first guy = bust # one. he turned out to be way too pushy and got mad b/c i would not express send him some more pix of me when he wanted them (im sorry i have a life and cant sit on the internet all day..)
the 2nd guy the convo turned out to be a little dull. so i guess keep looking?

this whole dating game makes me sick.
i do not like it at all
i dont like having to tell my story over and over
but i guess it is something that i have to do since i am single :(
i honestly do not know what to do.

i honestly am fine being alone. it took me all summer to finally be happy with me and to work on me. and then out of the blue people drop in and out of my life. its like a tease. or maybe a test?

i decided months ago that i am going to be celebate. the next guy i choose to go in that direction with will be my boyfriend and this relationship will be serious. i dont want to play "the game" anymore. and that is the price i am willing to pay to find what i am looking for.

oh the date...yes i have to share my date.
well last week (while i was moving and looked like crap) i met someone. he was driving by DuKum and stopped me and we talked and exchanged numbers
went out a few days later
i can say that i honestly had fun when i was on the date
only thing...he is shorter than me :-/
i mean i am 5'10...he is like a good 5'8...i had to lean down to hug him goodnight....
yes i know that is shallow and stupid but c'mon...i have never done that before. it def is weird looking down to your date...and i honestly dont think i like it.
altho he was a little pushy at the end of the night and the night def did not end like it should have i am glad i at least went out on a date. that is something i have not done in a long time.


i dont know...i just want to find HIM...and i want to be happy
and not have to worry about this anymore
it is an added stress to my life and i DO NOT LIKE IT....
until then...like always....
...i will be patient....and i will pray about it....

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