...I gOt ThE iNtErNeT gOiN nUtZ....

Friday, August 13, 2010

in lue of one of my favorite paul wall songs...i titled this post "i got the internet going nutz"
LoL...yea i know but its a good song...and no i do not have the internet going nutz...its actually the complete opposite.

well as you all may know, i joined plenty of fish.com a few weeks ago. i looked a few profiles and chatted with a few guys...never got the full connection that i was looking for...until...someone tries to contact me. we chat for a few days online...and like my usual online habits i do not log into the website for a few days so i gave him my number to text me. and he does....since then we have been having amazing conversations. today was the first day we had a real convo phone date and i will have to say that it went pretty well. he is very charming and humerous and was able to make me laugh the whole time which is a HUGE plus. His jokes were actually very good and not corny at all so that was another good thing and he sounds so cute on the phone.

yea i will say that i have alot of mixed emotions about this. i mean i dont know...i thought i could try to find someone the good ole fashioned way but...as we all have seen the past few years have been a repeat of disasters and dead ends. so why not result to something different. i just hope this stays in a positive direction and i am excited to see what comes of it. he will be moving alot closer to me soon so we will have to just wait and see how this whole thing pans out.

i will say that being celibate was the best decision i have  made in a looong time. i feel it cuts out all the fake non sense that goes along with meeting people and getting to know them. you find out really quickly how people really feel once you mention that sex is not an option right now...LoL. it makes me feel like when i was a virgin (which wasnt too long ago!) i forgot how good it felt to just put it all on the table and be upfront and honest. it feels great and i an so happy that i have done that. i seriously want to get to know someone and start to love them and truly feel for them before other things start to happen in the relationship. needless to say i made a decision and i am so happy that i stuck with it.

so i finally finished insanity! last friday was my last day. this week i took as the "recovery week" i took a few days off b/c my body def could feel it but next week i am going to start over with the 2nd month and hit it hard. over the 60 days i have lost more that 10lbs and i have def toned up and defined parts on my body i did not think i could get tone. i look amazing and i feel even better. this was the feeling i had envisioned when i first thought about trying insanity. now i know im not fat or over weight but i just had a picture in my head of how i wanted to look and i have almost achieved that. it is so rewarding :) maybe in anther 30day i can post some pix and truly flaunt what i worked so hard for...and yes i worked very hard! working out everyday...making better food choices...the sacrifice! def. worth it!

now its on to tackle the other important things in my life....school...finances....family...love.... :)

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