Wednesday, August 5, 2009

well all day, i keep thinking that it is thursday...i guess it is because i have had to work everyday for the past few weeks and the days just run together after a while. yes i am tired of being here at work...but i will def enjoy it when i get paid! LoL

this saturday i will be leaving for chicago this saturday!!! i will spend the weekend with my ship and meeting up with some old friends that i have not seen in a while. then on 9th i will head to indianapolis to see "the light"...LoL...i will stay there until the 12th and head to NYC with danny and toya and meet up with reese in bost on on the 16 and head back to kvegas on the 18th. it will be a week full of fun!!! im super excited and can not wait to just see everyone and go out and have fun!!

i have removed those ppl in my life who have caused me so much grief for the past year... and IT FEELS GREAT! to know that i am the sane one and what i have been thinking/doing has not been bad is a good feeling. we have already gotten so much taken care of and i am really enjoying and loveing the reason i am an AKA again. the sisterhood, the service...and everything else that comes with it. it just feels great. i am very excited about this year and all of the things that me and the new girls will do!

we FINALLY get to move into our new place this weekend....only thing is i wont b here! we were supose to move in june 1st...nope....mid july....NOPE....now august first....and i am sleeping on my friends couch with all of my clothes and belongings in my car..yea not a fun time. i really am homeless! again! LoL for the 2nd time this summer! it sux...but i do see th elight and it is almost done and i can finally be in my bed!!!!

i am a little home sick. i miss my friends and some of my family. its always good to go home and visit but since i am going to NYC i wont have time to go home at the end of the summer like i usually do.

i take the MCATS sept 12....i have moved my test back 3 times b/c i study but i just never feel prepaired for it...thisyear i did spend the $1000 on the Kaplan course and i think it was a very good idea. it is helping alot so hopefully i will get the score that i need to get into med school next year. hence why i have not been able to blog as much as i have wanted 2! i have been bust with school (took 3 classes this summer! got an A and 2 B's!!) and i have been working 40+ hours this summer (what is new...LoL gotta get that $!!) and not to mention i have been studying and
reading thru the books i have gotten and just trying to make some things happen.

got the palm pre!!!! its the greatest! its like having a mini computer with you and a phone...and a camera...its great! i would def tell ppl to get one!

but i will be sure to update on the trip!! i may even post some pix!

.....................until next time..............

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