Saturday, August 22, 2009

.....internet radio.....

since i have been working in places where i can access the internet at work (ii know im a bum...LoL) i have been trying to find a good internet station that is perfect...and i finally found it!!
at first i would try to google free radio stations, or try to acces stations that i know have websites...but b/w the commercials and then not being able to access them on certain days i just had to keep searching for something that i could really use wheni wanted.
not gonna lie, itunes has a pretty good selection of radio stations to choose from, but i cant get itunes on the comp at work so i had to stick to the internet. but its ok. i have been having really good luck with jamz @ 1.fm and i finally found pandora. it is great!
with pandora, i can search for artist and they will create a station with their songs and songs of otther artist that are similar. it is great! you can tag and flag artist and songs that you like and it will save it for you and play them more often than the other songs.
i tried slacker radio...its ok, but it is not nearly as versitile as pandora and the stations are limited to the areas of music that i like. but it is a good station as well, they just limit your skips and they limit the # of songs you flag as your favorite an then try to reel youin by buying their "upgrade" for unlimited access and other features. but for FREE pandora is def the way to go!
now on another not i found imeem. it is a website where you can type in a song and hear it. so if your at work and someone mentions a song that they liked and you have never heard it and no one has it on their ipod, you can go there, type it in and listen to you. they give you options to buy it, get the ringtone, and etc. they give artist info and everything. it is a really good site as well but not a radio site as you will have to pick and choose the songs that you want to listen to
well i have shared my internet radio secrets, hope that someone other than me finds it useful! LoL
.................until next time...............

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