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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yes this is my favorite movie...but it also brings up a very impotant thought/question in my mind...what are/was your first loves? mine...basketball...i have devoted alot of time and energy into it. wish i could have gone farther than i have, but it is a pasttime that i will always be able to enjoy. and the movie def is an added bonus. no i never got the "boy next door" as i once thought when i was younger, but i can def relate to alot of other things monica, the main character, went thru during the movie.

i started playing ball in junior high. made the varsity team and still played JV...i guess you could say that i was good. i feel that i was a hard worker and tried hard...but due to alot of events i did not get my goal of playing bball for some college to help pay for my school, i know i could have done alot more to prevent the lack of achiving this goal, but i look back and i have def made a way for myself without playing for a school. i dont even know if i would have achieved as much as i did if i would have went down that road....let alone meet the people that are in my life right now. but there is no way for you to know what other roads you did not take in your life would have offered you. that is why i try to make sure to thank god for all the blessings he has giving me.

this picture combines both basketball and art...my 2nd love...a very interesting concept but just found the picture so i couldnt leave it out :)

and yes this would be me in high school...LoL ....lived with a ball in my hand. *sigh* the good ole days....LoL

but it just makes you sit back and think of all the things you said you wanted to do when you were younger. have you achieved some of those goals? or are you still trying to make them come true? i know that i try to keep going back to those roots to use as inspiration to get where i want to go. i know i have a long way, but i have to stay positive and motivated to try to get where iwant to go. but in the meantime i will take each day for what it is worth and try to enjoy each oppertunity that i am given.
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