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Sunday, July 12, 2009

"wants neo soul...hip hop got old...and i already had rock and roll..."

well needless to say last weekend with the light was AMAZING...i mean...i have been sitting and thnking all week of ways to explain what has happened or what has been going on. and to be honest...with words i can not explain it. i mean it is indeed great but all i can do is smile about it...LoL

got to meet the "sands"...saw the swag pad...watched the fireworks and got to look at the stars!...that was only day one...day 2 slept in...went to columbus ohio. got to eat GREAT sushi...and see a movie...that was day 2...day 3 consisted of going to the mall...and going on the best date i have ever gone on. it was at this place called the melting pot and it was so much fun. i honestly have never had that much fun on a date. it was just great...i cant say enough good things about it. and this is completly 2 way! i mean with most instances i spend my time trying to worry and please the other person. but no, he def does his share to make me smile. with calling me in the morning or texting me thruout the day...it def is an eye opener to what i have not been getting the past few years. great conversations and he is a gentleman....i just pray that this last b/c i do not want to let this newness go away. we need to plan another meeting b/c i cant lie i am missing him a little bit...LoL...but like advised i will take each day at at time and just hope that it keeps going in a positive direction :)

Newness by: Musiq Soulchild

Hey girl how you doing

Do you feel like talking?

Or do you need me to call you back

You from round what way and when's your birthday

Or what's your zodiac sign (I'm an Aries)

Well I'm a Virgo so my sign's compatible

What you do for fun cause I don't drink or club

I just like to chill with somebody like you

[Chorus]Everything is cool when love is all brand new

Cause you're learning me and I'm learning you (it's cool)

Cause you're learning me and I'm learning you

[Verse 2]What type of work you do or are you still in school

Or do you have any kids (and if I did what?)

See I'm the type that don't mind

Cause I can understand that things happen sometimes

By the way I 'm wondering are you cool with your family

Cause I would like to meet your parents someday

Maybe we can begin something wonderful and beautiful cause



Girl it's so cool (yeaaah)

Talking with you (yeaaah)

It gets better every moment I spend with you

Girl you're so nice (nice)And you so fine (so fine)

Plus you're real and that's just what I like

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