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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ok...You are reading the title of this post and thinking "Stephanie...this is NOT health and fitness related so why are you even talking about it right now!?!"


 BUT having insurance is a HUGE part of your health.  It actually affects MANY different aspects of your health (and the health of your loved one's).    I know that insurance can sometimes be hard to obtain if you do not have a steady job.  But, insurance is something everyone should considered JUST IN CASE something were to happen. You can obtain insurance at a reasonable cost for all of your ordinary needs.  You can get insurance for your car (which is required by all states!), for your home (or you can get renal insurance for those who currently rent), for you health (which is also important so you can get your yearly check ups), and other types of insurances.  You can also get floor, fire, and water damage insurance (which you usually have to purchase separately) to cover your home in case there is a natural disaster.


 I do not know about you, but i am a planner. I am always trying to stay 5 steps ahead of what is going on around me.  I personally try to budget so i can have the proper insurance coverage for all of my major needs.  One of the most important being health insurance.  You never know when you will need to go to the doctor or need to seek emergency medical care.  There are currently a lot of changes going on in the medical field with the new Obama Care Act going into affect.  But my motto is "Better safe than sorry!". insurance-claim_large 

 So when in doubt try to get some type of coverage to cover all of your basic needs.  When something does happen and you need it, you will be glad that you had it!

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