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Sunday, January 30, 2011

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well since i spend most of my days away in my own world i def need some tunes to keep me sane.
well in doing do i recently found out that Pandora has a time restriction on their accounts!!
i mean i do have more than one account but a friend recently told me about this...and i must say it is AWSOME

its like iTunes meets Pandora

you can choose a station that will randomly choose songs for you but you can delete the song from the que before it even play! no more "skip song" restrictions!!
you have TOTAL control over what you want to listen to, when and who! you can even move the songs around so you can hear it again!

here is what my grooveshark currently looks like...

you can type in a artist and all the songs they have on file for that artist you can que (at the bottom) and they will play. you can move the "songs" around to be played in a diff. order or to replay it later...or you can delete them...or add to it!

like i said you have TOTAL control over what, who , and when you listen to songs.
I must say this is what i have been praying for for quite some time now...
granted the radio stations are not as good as Pandora...but they def have more of a variety when it comes to the songs they choose to play on the stations. that is the big plus for me. they stick to the genre (not that Pandora didn't do that...but they did tend to wonder in a diff direction sometimes...)

so if you find yourself running out of Pandora minutes on your account you can always create another account (like i did...LoL) or switch b/w grooveshark and Pandora (like i currently do now!!)

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