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Saturday, January 15, 2011

well i woke up this morning feeling happy...euphoric...and felt as if i was walking...no dancing on the moon!

this has been an amazing week! it was a long week indeed...but yet a good week...

ok lets recap on the week


well the bowling date was AWESOME...
of course i was a nervous wreck all the way up until i walked into the place.
got there, took a deep breath and walked in...
he was there...i could just see this hint of surprise in his eyes when he saw me...but in a good way
needless to say we bowled several games and sat and talked for a bit after we played.
he was very nice and such a gentleman.
we laughed and joked around and just had a great time.
he has me giggling and smiling the whole time.
bowling was a great idea and I'm so happy we got to finally hang out.
he is like the EXACT height as me...but i can work with that...LoL
no first date pressure with a kiss or anything. just a nice hug and he called me when he made it home so i knew he made it home safe (it is like a 45min drive for him)
the competition of bowling and actually being able to focus on other things other than the other person so with me being so nervous i enjoyed being able to relax and have fun.

but overall it was a great date! i seriously had alot of fun and i just cant wait until we can plan to set something else up. he is a really nice guy. he is super busy with bball games and stuff (which i can totally understand) so hopefully when that dies down we can hang out a little more. :)


well this was the dinner date at LaPachanga.
well the only thing was that it decided to start snowing earlier that day so by 6:30 the roads were awful and so i was expecting to cancel...but he was still eager to meet and have dinner. so we met up.
to my surprise ( i mean i was happy about the date but not as excited about the Monday date...just being honest) i had ALOT of fun. he has me laughing the whole time and the conversation was amazing. he was very engaging and we sat and talked for a while. he too lives pretty far away but still drove into town just to meet for dinner. so that was very nice of him!

overall...this was a surprising good date! had a great time and had a great conversation. the date was alot of fun.  needless to say i hung out with him the next day (b/c he had a snow day) we just hung out and watched movies...and we also hung out on Thursday...alot? I KNOW! LoL but its in a good way. it was fun. he def knows how to make me laugh and is good at the conversation and is very respectful. he is very blunt and forward (which is good).  he has a son. which is why he is busy on the weekends .  which is understandable.  you can tell that his son is his world (which is a good/important thing) but may be having a little bit of "baby mama drama"....but i don't know he is kool to hang out with...so I'm excited to see how this ends up.


Well Monday night...after my dinner date i went to go give my friend a ride home. she was hanging out with a bunch of KCOM students. so when i went to get here...there was a guy there.
ok this guy...
i had seen around before...several times.
he would say hi sometimes and ignore me other times...
have heard horror stories from friends about his arrogance, and his attitude about life (and non stop stories of how he was in the navy...LoL) so my image of him was not too bright at this point...
so i guess when he realized who i was and that i was not in high school he def was putting the moves on...
flirting...finding any chance to ask me a question or get my attention...
well we become "friends on facebook"
well he then later sends me a message saying he really wanted my number...so i gave it to him
well on wed. he invited me to his bball game (b/c he claims he is a hoop star...LoL)
got there just at the end of the game b/c i had class...
he walks me to my car...
...and asks me on a date...
so i say to myself...why not...i have no reason to say no.
so Friday night (last night) he comes over and we watch a movie
surprisingly (yes yet again) i had alot of fun!
we watched a movie and just chatted...it was fun.
got to know him a bit...
so...no plans to hang out again yet...but I'm sure we will...LoL
for some reason it seems he is very attracted to me or my personality...or both...who knows...LoL

i had to cancel my other date that i was suppose to have Tue. b/c of the snow :( i kinda don't want to go now b/c i fell i have my hands full already with these other guys!!! but who knows what will happen...

Well despite all my dates...got reg. for my MCAT
cleaned up my room
got back in my routine
getting back on the ball with research
and just doing good with trying to plan out the next year.
in gonna take life by the day and just see what i am given.
i am happy for all the things i am given and i appreciate all the opportunities i am given

i am giving myself two months to nail something down as far as a relationship...
with all these prospects there has got to be at least ONE good guy that will want to stick around for the long run...LoL

oh dont worry...ill keep you posted...

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