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Sunday, January 2, 2011

well i am back....from Texas
can i just stop and say that being at home was AMAZING.
everyday i had something to do or people to see.
i did not have a dull moment at all while i was at home.
i stayed out late every night just to wake up early the next day to start over again
Santa brought me some AWSOME things for xmas!!
he got me....

which was MUCH NEEDED! if you ask any of my friends...they can tell you that i have NO sense of direction at all...LoL...i get lost so easily esp if i am driving across the USA to get from Texas to Missouri. i mean i use to use the GPS that is in my palm pre...but it sucked the battery life and i couldn't talk/text so this was a much needed gift!

i also got...

season set!!! for those who do not know me i am one of the biggest grey's fan!!! now i can watch them whenever i want!!! :)

Santa also brought....

GIFT CARDS!! every college students fav gift. got some cards to my fav places to eat as well as some of my fav places to shop. so i was able to go and pick out the things that i needed/wanted and get a few free meals at some fav places while i was at home!! not to mention all the home cooked meals that i also got...LoL

oh i cant forget to mention the...

my dad filled my tank up with gas b4 i headed back to Missouri!!! that was $45 that i didn't have to come out of pocket....not to mention my brother handed me $80 in cash to spend on gas $ on the way back!!! i did not have to pay for ANY GAS at all on my trip from Texas back to Missouri...and i still have over a 1/2 tank left!!! prob one of my fav. gifts this year...LoL

mrs.phillips got me this AMAZING scarf. i LOVE it and it is so soft! i have had a few but none that i really enjoyed. i have worn that thing almost everyday...LoL.

i got a few other small in's and out's but those are the main things that i got...not to mention the "shop until you drop" day that i had. LoL. granted i only spend like $100 of my own money i had to use up the $100's dollars in gift cards that i had! but it was alot of fun.

i think the best gift  i got was a blessing from my friend Shawn. that morning when we were about to open gifts he said a prayer/blessing for me. that was by far the most creative...most unexpected...and the best gift i have gotten in years. he blessed me with having a safe trip back to Missouri...to have a great time in Texas and have a safe new years. to fill my year with lessons and to just have got touch my life and those around me to push me in the direction the lord wants me to go in. it almost brought tears to my eyes!!

other than the gifts the most important thing is that i got to see my friends...no my family. i consider ALL of my friends to be my family and i am so grateful to have all of them in my life. i am so luck to have been touched by each and every person and i am so happy and blessed to have met them and keep on touch with them over the years! i am so happy that i have done and accomplished soooo much but most importantly i would not have been able to do it without the support of those that are back at home and work behind the scene in my life. i love all of them and miss them everyday that i am not at home!!

merry late xmas and  happy new year!!
p.s. new years was AMAZING! met up with my girls in KC and had VIP tickets to a huge party...pix will be up soon...LoL :)

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Diona Reneè said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hey honey! go to http://www.wibiya.com/, it's just a widget to put on your blog. You have the choice of what to add to it!

Sarah Ryck said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Glad you had an awesome trip home! I completely understand how gas was your favorite gift!!! I travel 6 hours home from school & buying gas pains me. It's so expensive.

Love the blog!

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