Saturday, November 20, 2010

*stands up*

hello, my name is Stephanie....*hi Stephanie*
and i am an addict...

i am an addict of music
i am an addict to working out/eating right
i am addicted to food...
i am addicted to my friends...
i am addicted to those crappy wedding shows on TLC
if i had someone to love i would be addicted to that too
i am addicted to looking forward to each day
i am simply just addicted to life

you see i am just an average girl
trying to make my way in this world
each day hands you a new problem to fix
and even though my goals have not been met yet...
give me a few years and ALL OF THEM will be reached

i may be a little demanding
and yes i am quite stubborn
but the guy that has my heart...all he has to do is smile and i promise he will get his way...sometimes
you see i am not high maintenanced
and it doesn't take alot to make me happy
i am a simple girl who loves the simple things in life..
and did i mention i LOVE surprises?

but i also love to smile and laugh at a good joke

i am addicted to Gatorade and green tea
and i have not touched fast food or french fries in over year
and i work hard to look good and most importantly feel good about ME

so i would like to say this again...
hello...my name is Stephanie...
and i am addicted to life

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cailen ascher said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hi...my name is cailen...and i'm addicted to a lot of the same. food. working out. eating right. tea.

(found you via 20sb - great blog!)


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