Sunday, November 14, 2010

as i take a look at the people that are in my life and the people that i have known...and currently know i like to just evaluate their influence on my life in general. it is clear that the people that are here now are the most important. and i am thankful that i have been able to keep in touch with the select people from back home. it is always nice to go home and have some people to hang out with and just go out with.

when you think back to the times when you were in high school and each person had "dreams" of things they wanted to do. it is clear today that most people that i know from home are NOT doing anything that they wanted to do. i am really curious as to why alot of people changed their career paths. i know alot of people that i know who wanted to be doctors are now nurses or work lower on the food chain in health care.

i am so determined to become a doctor. i have serously evaluated my life and tried to consider possible doing something else with my life...but i realize there is absolutly nothing more i want to do in this world than to be a doctor and change peoples lives in a way that most people cant. i just think i was meant to do that. i mean with all of the oppertunities that i have been given and the influences i have had from the medical doctors i have met i just cant help but want to try harder and harder to obtain that goal. i have time i just have to do it!

but it is sad to look at the people that once had so many goals and see them settle. i mean i am sure they are not just settling to settle. they are doing it for thier family...to create a life for their kids/husbamd. yea another crazy not...taking not of all the people that are marrried/have kids/or about to get married. i have one friend that is divorced...LoL so i guess its not too bad to just know one person that it did not work out for. but still...it is just crazy to see how over the past 7 years how drastically peoples lives have molded and changed. i look forwerd to the next 7 and cant wait to see where i am 7 years from now :) hopefully i will be almost done with medical school...LoL

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