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Sunday, November 7, 2010

well the AKA play boy pageant was last night
this year we only had 3 boys (compaired to last year when we had 8!!)
but it was nice to only have a few boys to keep up with.

i have to admit...this years tribute was THE BEST we have evern had..
not to mention the gift i got are prob the best as well...LoL
well i take that back. i have gotten some really good gifts so i cant say my gift was the best but the tribute def was the best

the boys made a song/music video called "luv that pink and green"
it was pretty much about us, our chapter, and AKA's
it was sooooo cute!
it seriously brought tears to my eyes
every girl deep down insides wishes a guy would write a song about her
well even tho it was not just for me, but the fact that it was for me and my sisters just made me so happy!
and it is actually a REALLY good song and the cutest video.

i will try to figure out how to upload it online i will def put it on the page to share with the world :)

research is good
evan is good....still on the fence about it...
hmmm jennifer will be here in a month!
and i get to go home in 40 days!! (yes i started a countdown!! LoL)
kirksville is not very exciting...i am def waiting for the day that i move away from this place!!

well...im in a PINK and GREEN mood after last night :) LoL...so i found some great things that are pink and green!! :)



sorry about the last few...i guess alot of the pink and green stuff have to do with weddings...but they are sooo pretty!! LoL...yea i am not where close or even want to look at wedding stuff...that wont be happening for a loooooooong time...

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