Saturday, October 3, 2009

well yet again, my hours got cut (at work) we hired two new people and who does it affect? me the part time employee....*sigh*
i feel that i work (whenever someone calls in and i work the crappy shifts that no one else wants) and i have never had a no call no show. if i am going to be late i call (and 95% of the time i am late it is b/c of a class/test that i was in so i have a good reason for being late). it is just so annoying because i feel that i do work hard and i am flexible but my boss dosnt show appreciation towards that. i refuse to kiss her ass or suck up to get the hours i want/need. i will just start looknig for a 2nd job so i will have that security and also so i wont be so flexible with this job so i can get some set days/times. i am just tired of comprimising my life and my time for people to not be treated the same way. so alli can do is pray about it and hope the good lord directs me in the right direction.

i do love AKA again (and my neos :) the step show is this weekend (THANK GOD) not that i dnt love spending late nights practicing with them i am just ready to have more time for me! and to just have the step show over with. i see why other chapters dont do it. it is very time consuming and just hard to do when you have a job and classes to worry about. but i hope we do well and i hope that we win!

he will be here this weekend :) he is coming for homecoming to see our show and of course to see me! i am really excited to see him! it has been over a month since the last time i saw him and i know we will have a great time while he is here. even tho its giong to be only for a few days i will enjoy every second of it.

i sent off my texas med school applications :) i am hopin that by the end of this week i can have my ACMS applications as well. so i am going in the right direction and i am anxious and excited to get everything sent off and done. all i can do now if pray and hope that some school likes what they see of me on paper and will accept my desire to be in medical school.


*listening to Bone Thugs & harmony...thuggish ruggish bone*
well i will make it thru the week, and i will be free! LoL

..............until next time...............

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