Sunday, October 18, 2009

thats all that i seem to be doing latly.

not just for myself but other people around me who are going thru far worse things that i am right now. it is crazy just how your life can turn around in a matter of minutes. life is so unpredicatable but that is why it is called life right?

homecoming was good. went to lubbock! ha a blast...lost our show here (we went over on our time so we lost :( but the show was AMAZING) and the light did come with his brother. it was interesting. LoL. he was wasted when i finally met up with them that night and i just had to get on their level and in the right mindset and then i was good for the night. but it was a interesting weekend to say the least.

school :-/ im def getting burned out. and to think that i still have a few years ahead of me until im done :-/ LoL i just need a fresh start, a new motivation...just to get away from here and start the next chapter in my life and i will be good. i just need that newness to help my boost and to just know that i am finally almost done with what i want to achieve.

but that is all. the usual....say things diff day. living each day to try to be closer to God. taking it one step at a time.

on that note just please keep Brandon in your thoughts and prayers. he just needs it. and so does shawn. i just think these past few weeks/this month has been the month of no good for alot of people.

.................until next time.................

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