Saturday, October 31, 2009

well last night was AMAZING! it was kinda slow so i got to play bartender last night even tho it was my 3rd shift. it was alot of fun! yea i dont get to take home tips yet but this job it pretty fun. i didnt know what to expect but it was still alot of fun. LoL
i learned a fancy new trick on how to pour shots and look like a pro...and i just learned how to make different drinks in gneeral.
this job it like a double thing for me. i always wanted to try but never thought i would get the chance or have the time. and at the same time it is hard making ends meet with just the hopspital job since my hours got cut. this helpes to ensure a few extra $100 every week or so and that will help seeing as i am helping jennifer as well. but it is fun and i like it. def something different that i have never done before.
this past week has been....CRAZY! LoL yea that is all i can say. it was a good week, it was very nice. now it is time to stop slacking and get back on the grind.
well im at work (suprise suprise...LoL) so i guess ill start "working"....
.......................until next time.....................

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